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Attack On Titan HINDI Subbed Episodes [HD]

From the director of Death Note comes the bone-crunching Attack on Titan. Many years ago, humanity was forced to retreat behind the towering walls of a fortified city to escape the massive, man-eating Titans that lurked outside their fortress. Only the heroic members of the Scouting Legion dared to stray beyond the safety of the walls – but even those brave warriors seldom returned alive.

[Season 01]

For over a century, humans have been living in settlements surrounded by three gigantic walls, which prevent the Titans, giant humanoid creatures who eat humans, from entering. Young Eren Jaeger, of the town of Shiganshina, wishes to see the outside world by joining the Scout Regiment, as he likens living in the cities to livestock. Despite this, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackermann and their mother Carla Jaeger are against him joining the Scouts. Even after seeing the Scouts return home with large casualties, Eren expresses his interest to join which impresses his father Grisha Jaeger. After Eren and Mikasa save their friend Armin Arlelt from bullies due to his views that the walls will not protect them forever, a Titan much taller than the walls (later named Colossal Titan) suddenly appears and knocks down the gate to Shiganshina, allowing smaller Titans to enter. As the town erupts into mass panic, Eren and Mikasa rush to their home to find their mother pinned under their collapsed house. Carla begs them to flee, but they refuse until the city guard Hannes arrives and takes them away. Eren watches in horror as a Smiling Titan eats Carla.

Hannes apologizes to Eren for not saving his mother, admitting he was afraid of the Titan and that both Eren and Mikasa are still weak children. Some of the Shiganshina townsfolk escape to the inner Wall Maria while the soldiers try to hold off the Titans. The soldiers try to close the gate, but one of the Titans (later named Armored Titan) rams the gate, breaching Wall Maria, and causing those inside to retreat even further inside Wall Rose. Some time later, Eren has a strange dream in which his grieving father forcefully gives him an injection and his key before being woken up by Mikasa. Eren grows disgusted with the people of Wall Rose as the latter do not like sharing their food with the refugees. During the next year, as a food shortage becomes apparent, the government orders the refugees to work at the farms or fight to reclaim Wall Maria. About 250,000 people, 20% of the populace, go but they are wiped out by the Titans. Eren vows revenge and joins the army along with Mikasa and Armin.

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