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Dragon Ball Super HINDI Subbed Episodes [HD]

Reuniting the franchise's iconic characters, Dragon Ball Super will follow the aftermath of Goku's fierce battle with Majin Buu as he attempts to maintain earth's fragile peace.

Dragon Ball Super HINDI Subbed Episodes [720p HD]

 After Son Goku defeated the dangerous Majin Boo, peace has returned to Earth once again. Chi-Chi wants Goku to get a job, so he works as a radish farmer. Meanwhile, Son Goten and his friend Trunks are looking for a present for Videl, soon to be his sister-in-law when his older brother, Son Gohan, gets engaged to her.

Son Goku goes to Planet Kaiō to train with Kaiō-sama. Meanwhile, Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks take a family trip. Bulma and Trunks are happy with an unexpected family time together while Vegeta is bothered by the fact that Goku gets to train.[13] 

Fearing what might happen now that the God of Destruction is awake, the Kaiō-shin urge Kaiō-sama to ensure that Son Goku never finds out about Beerus. However, Goku overhears the conversation and becomes curious. Back in his temple, Beerus and Whis continue their search for the Super Saiyan God. They soon learn of Son Goku and his feats and decide to pay him and Kaiō-sama a visit. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Goku's friends and family gather at Bulma's birthday party; except for Vegeta who is still training to overpower Goku and everyone else in the universe.

With all guests now gathered, except for Son Goku and Vegeta, Bulma's birthday party gets underway. Trunks shows Son Goten where his mother hid the bingo tournament grand prize – the Dragon Balls. Not far off from the ship, Pilaf Gang, now poor and hungry, are trying to get by until they find the Dragon Balls and make their wishes come true. When his Dragon Radar picks up a signal coming from Bulma's ship, Pilaf and his henchmen hastily board the ship, with Trunks and Goten's help. Meanwhile, on Kaiō-sama's planet, Kaiō-sama explains to Goku who and what exactly Beerus is and how for every benevolent God there most be a malevolent one, in order to keep Universe in balance. Just as he finishes, Beerus and Whis arrive.

The always anxious Goku of course asks for a fight with Beerus, which King Kai greatly opposes. Goku gets cocky as always though and wants the fight anyways, so he powers up to Super Saiyan, though he can’t even land a hit whatsoever on the deity. Beerus gets bored quickly and starts yawning, showing just how weak Goku is in comparison at this point.

Beerus arrives on Earth, where Bulma's birthday party is underway. Vegeta is paralyzed by Beerus's presence, recalling a childhood encounter with the deity. Long ago Beerus visited Planet Vegeta, and threatened his father. Beerus accepts Bulma's offer to join the party and is delighted by the snacks available. However, after Majin Boo refuses to share his pudding, Beerus attacks. 

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