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Pokémon The Series: XY HINDI Episodes (Hungama TV) Full [HD]

Ash Ketchum’s journeycontinues in Pokémon Season 17 the Series: XY as he arrives in the Kalos region, a land burstingwith beauty, full of new Pokémon to be discovered! Setting his sights on the Kalos League, Ash is ready to battle and catch as many new Pokémon as possible. But first he will have to face the formidable Gym Leaders of this region and discover some exciting developments in Pokémon Evolution. While he has new friends Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie at his side, there are also plenty of familiar faces and Pokémon along the way as Ash pursues his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master!

Pokémon The Series: XY Season 17 HINDI Episodes Hungama TV! 1080p [HD]

Ash and Pikachu have arrived in the Kalos region, and they waste no time building excitement and adventure to a fever pitch!

Episode 02 - Lumiose City Pursuit! 
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After helping an ailing Pokémon, Ash puts everything he’s got on the line, while an entire city bears witness!

Episode 03 - A Battle of Aerial Mobility! 
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Ash is eager to catch some Kalos Pokémon, and he’s definitely not alone!

Episode 04  AShockingly Cheeky Friendship! 
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As our heroes continue their Kalos region journey, exciting new Pokémon friendships are the order of the day!

Episode 05 - A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle! 
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Ash is vying for his first Kalos Gym badge, but has our hero gotten more than he bargained for?

Episode 06 - Battling On Thin Ice! 
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Never one to give up, Ash sets his sights on a rematch with Gym Leader Viola in order to win his first Kalos region Gym badge!

Episode 07 - Giving Chase At the Rhyhorn Race! 
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There’s an opportunity to be part of an exciting Rhyhorn race, and Ash can’t wait to give it a try!

Episode 08 - Grooming Furfrou! 
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Seeing a superstar Pokémon groomer in their tour guide, our heroes are later shocked to meet him and his assistant in person!

Episode 09 - Clemont's Got a Secret! 
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As our heroes arrive back in Lumiose City, Clemont and Bonnie reveal a secret that has everyone else in shock!

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During a visit with Professor Sycamore while in Lumiose City, our heroes encounter a surprising foe of mega-mega proportions!

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As our heroes traverse a forest on their way to Cyllage City, some new Pokémon give them quite a challenge, and some old foes do, too!

As our heroes continue their journey to Cyllage City and Ash’s next Gym battle, they must confront a most unsavory character in a most unsavory line of work!

What starts out as a typical battle challenge between two Trainers in the middle of the forest leads to a life-changing experience for one young boy!

Episode 14 - Seeking Shelter from the Storm!
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A powerful rainstorm brings our heroes to a scary mansion seeking shelter, but with an unexpected outcome!

Episode 15 - An Appetite for Battle!

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A misunderstanding while camping out for the night turns out to be the perfect opportunity for some serious Pokémon-and-Trainer bonding!

Episode 16 - A Jolting Switcheroo! NEW
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A visit to the local Pokémon Center results in a mix-up that has our heroes scrambling to undo it!

Episode 17 Skipped By Hungama!

Episode 18 - Awakening the Sleeping Giant! NEW

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Episodes 19, 20 Skipped By Hungama!

Episode 21 - A Pokévision of Things to Come! NEW
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Our heroes are exploring the world of Pokévision, and it’s chock-full of epic productions and cinematic surprises!

Episode 22 - Going for the Gold! 
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A visit by our heroes to an amazing aquarium turns out to reveal the stuff of legends!
Arriving in Camphrier Town, our heroes find themselves in the middle of a dilemma of epic proportions!

Episode 23 - Coming Back into the Cold! NEW
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After running into an old friend, our heroes are about to witness a major discovery they’ll never forget!

Episode 24 - Climbing the Walls! NEW
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The time for Ash’s Gym battle with Grant at the Cyllage City Gym is finally here, and it’s an uphill climb!

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