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How To Use Google Maps For Offline on PC, Android, iOS and Other Smartphone Devices?

One of the Google's wonderful service is Google Maps which allows you to search any location around the world. By zooming into an area, you can get more elaborated view and usually it can be done with Google maps street view. It is very useful especially for the people who want to spot many important places like airport, railway station, petrol bunk, supermarket and the list goes on and on.

Either you are using PC or smartphone to get the geographical location of a place using map service, all that you need is a working net connection. 

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It's very simple to explore places via Google Maps if you are having Internet connection. But what if you are travelling in remote areas and not having network coverage? In such case, definitely you will be looking for help from someone. To avoid such lonely feeling, you should opt for preventive measure. 

So, here I'm indicating you to download Google maps for offline utilization at both PC and mobile phones. 

How To Download Google Maps For PC?

If you ever want to have access to offline maps, then you must go for GmapCatcher which is an offline maps viewer. Furthermore, it can display maps from various providers including CloudMade, OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Nokia Maps and Skyvector.

GmapCatcher is written in Python script, can run not only on Windows, but also on Linux and Mac OSx. It requires only basic and uneventful installation process, after that you can begin looking for the maps you need.  

While searching for the location, use the Tools option to select the function you want to perform meaning you can download or export maps. 

Moreover, GmapCatcher lets you surf the maps with any resolution. i.e., you need to enter the height and width for the appropriate view.

How To Download Google Maps For Smartphone users?

If you are an android or iphone user, then the tutorial given below will be most useful for you.  

Before proceeding, make sure you have updated Google Maps app to the latest version. Not having Google Maps on your phone, then download from here:
Follow the simple steps to get your maps for offline use:
  • Tap on Google Maps app and search for a location.
  • At the bottom, touch the name of the place you have searched.
  • Click on Save option or in the upper right corner, touch the triple dots menu and select Save offline map. Then follow the procedure on screen.

Gmaps with dual saving option
P.S: You need to zoom into a place for caching the Maps for offline use. Otherwise, it might show an error states that you cannot save. 

Hidden Trick To Save Google Maps For Offline

After you have searched for a place, type the phrase as ok maps in the search bar and tap on search button on keyboard. Then follow the directions to save the location you want to use if for offline.

Type ok maps, zoom in and save it

The visible area will get cached instantly.  

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How To View Saved Maps Data When Offline?

  • Tap on menu > Your places.
  • Touch View all and manage.
  • Select the offline map which you have already saved. 

Google Maps in Offline mode

Every location you are saving will expire in 30 days. In order to update the location for offline use, you need to connect to Internet again. 

Summing Up

Both GMapCatcher for PC and Google Maps for smartphones are quite handy and useful to view the cached map at high resolution while traveling even though the Internet connection is unavailable at that moment.

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