Rabu, 20 Mei 2015

How To Remove Blogger Navbar?

By default, Google's blogger blog comes with navbar enabled which is located at the top of blogger template. You can choose different colors for navbar that suits your template design. If you browse most of the blogger powered blogs, you might notice the absence of navbar in their template. Either they must removed the navigation bar or using custom/third party templates.

If you are a beginner blogger who wants to remove/disable navbar from blogger themes, I will show you on how to do it. Before continuing, you might need to know the advantages and disadvantages of navbar and then decide whether removing navbar from your template is good or not. 

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Nabar has some useful links to explore on it. You could the options like blogger icon, search bar, more categories, next blog navigation, new post direction, design and Google account sign in/out prompts. 

  • Blogger icon             - It directs you to Blogger.com
  • Search bar                - It's a normal search feature to find content on current blog.
  • g+1                             - Clicking on this icon let's you share the post publicly.
  • More option             - It allows you to share the content via Email, Facebook and Twitter. It has one more option called report abuse which tells you to do so if the content on a blog is seems to be inappropriate. 
  • Next blog                  - As the name implies, you can click on it to surf other blogs randomly.
  • New post                   - It calls you to create a new post for your blog. If you are on other blog, this link will gets blotted out. 
  • Design/dashboard  - When you click on it, it takes you to edit your template. If you are on some one's blog, it will show as dashboard which drives you to your blogger splash board.
  • Sign in/out               - As you should know that it asks you to sign in to your Google account.
Though blogger navbar has so many plus points, but I won't say that it doesn't have a single disadvantage. I will tell you on why I hate navbar to be enabled on my blog and I'm sure I will never use it anymore.

  • Navbar looks clumsy and fumbling.
  • Even though different colors are available for navbar to choose but It doesn't fit for my blog's theme.
  • It increases visitor's bounce rate if they are tends to click Next blog link.
Here I have described the plus and minus points of navbar. So, are your decided to remove navbar? Then go ahead. 

How To Turn Off Blogger Navbar?

Step 1: Log in to Blogger.com and get in to your blog.

Step 2: Head on to Layout > and search for Navbar at the top right hand side of layout.

Navigate to Layout > Navbar

Step 3: Click on Edit inside area.

A new pop-up window will get open and you could see different colors to choose for navbar.

Step 4: Switch to Turn Off radio button.

Switch to Off button & Save it

Step 5:  Finally click on Save button.

View your blog. Congrats!! Now you have removed the navbar from your blogger template successfully. 

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