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How To Block Unwanted Emails From Someone Automatically in Gmail?

We love to browse Internet. Likewise we would like to subscribe or sign up for lots of email services which seems to be good. We might think that signing up to newsletter will deliver useful and selective data through mails. Of course it's a great option to stick to the services provided by the websites. If the inbox is filled with lots of mails from a single service, it will rise a red flag.

Soon after you would proceed to clean inbox mails. Whenever you log in again, if you see the mails from the same service, then you will surely get tensed and annoyed more. As long as the newsletter service has Unsubscribe option, it is easy to stop those junks within a second. But unfortunately some mails doesn't comes with a choice for the subscribers. 

Consider if someone (might be your girlfriend/boyfriend) is filling the inbox with loads of mails. If you like them, then you would love to receive plenty of mails. Suppose if you don't like them, you want to shut all the doors just to avoid them. 

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For personal mails, there won't be any unsubscription link as these mails will not be considered as newsletter or any other services. Deleting annoying mails often is an irritating job. So that, there should be an automatic response to delete mails directly without even seeing by the user.

In this tutorial, I will tell you on how to stop junk mails automatically in Gmail. Unlike other email clients, Gmail does not offer an option to block emails. Instead there is another option to filter such annoying mails. Basically many Gmail users were unaware of this feature. 

Create Filter To Stop Junk/Spam Emails 

  • Log in to Gmail account
  • Find out the annoying email address and note down it or copy it.
  • Click on Gear-shaped settings icon > Choose Settings.

  • Move on to Filters option 

  • Now click on Create a new filter and start to filter spam mails.

  • In the From field, paste the copied email address. If the junk mails has the words like contest, win prizes, new offer, discounts, and so on, you can opt to filter only the mails which has the above mentioned words. 

Other fields like Doesn't have, Has attachment, Don't include chats and Size are available for filtering emails more specifically. After you filled those areas, click on Create filter with this search

  • On the new dialogue box, click on Delete it check box.
  • As per You can also choose several options like Skip the inbox, Mark as read, Star it, Apply the lable, Forward it, etc.
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After doing all the steps, you might notice that the filtered mails are not present in the inbox but accumulated in trash/bin. Either you can delete all trash mails or leave it for being automatically deleted in 30 days. 

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