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Pokémon The First Movie Mewtwo Ka Badla HINDI Full Movie [HD] (1998)

When a group of scientists are offered funding into genetic research if they agree to try and clone the greatest ever Pokémon, Mew, the end result is success and Mewtwo is born. However Mewtwo is bitter about his purpose in life and kills his masters. In order to become the greatest he throws open a challenge to the world to battle him and his Pokémon. Ash and his friends are one of the few groups of trainers who pass the first test and prepare for battle. However they soon find out about further cloning and Mewtwo's ultimate plan for the earth.

Uncut Wide Version !

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Digimon Xros Wars Season 1 Episodes In HINDI

Taiki Kudō, a 7th grade boy, heard a mysterious melody and followed it to an alley where a mysterious, legendary Digivice called the Xros Loader appeared in front of him. Accompanied by his friends, Akari Hinomoto and Zenjirō Tsurugi, they were dragged into the Digital World. They soon realized that the Digital World was a place inhabited by living creatures named Digimon and is now slowly being taken over by an evil empire named the Bagra Army. Now, Taiki and his "Xros Heart" team become an important figure to free the world from the Bagra Army, led by their Emperor Bagramon.
When the Digital World was separated into 108 Zones with an element named "Code Crown" placed in each Zone, it invites few parties to collect the Code Crown to claim each Zone, to achieve the goal into uniting and taking over the Digital World. Feeling the strong responsibility to save the world, Taiki forms his own group named Xros Heart, which is considered a strong threat to the Bagra Army, and battles along with some other parties including another human boy, Kiriha Aonuma, and his Blue Flare group. Also a human girl, Nene Amano, with her team Twilight.

                                          Digimon Xros Wars Season 1 In HINDI

Download [78MB] 720p HD
The story begins with a seventh-grade boy named Taiki Kudō dreaming of commanding a Digimon army. The next day, Taiki spots a red creature flickering in static and hears a mysterious voice which presents him with a Xros Loader, into which the creature is absorbed. He and his friends, Akari Hinomoto and Zenjirō Tsurugi, are then sucked into a portal to the Digital World, where they are attacked by MadLeomon and his troops. The group is rescued by Ballistamon, Starmon, the Pickmon, and the mysterious red creature: Shoutmon. After Taiki and his Digimon companions fight back against MadLeomon and his troops, MadLeomon absorbs some Chikurimon, Troopmon, and Mammothmon to become Armed MadLeomon. Taiki uses his Xros Loader to DigiXros Shoutmon and Ballistamon into an incomplete Shoutmon ×3. After injuring Armed MadLeomon, Shoutmon then uses the DigiXrossed Starmon and Pickmon, in the form of the Star Sword, to strike down Armed MadLeomon with a finishing blow. A portal appears recalling MadLeomon and his minions. Later, several Digimon are seen conversing about their evil plans after seeing the fight. As the episode ends, Nene and Kiriha, each with their own Digimon companions, watching Taiki's group from afar.

Download [78MB] 720p HD
With the addition of more humans, his forces being decimated by the mysterious boy with a Fusion Loader of his own, a livid MadLeomon decides to rectify this turn of events. Taken by Shoutmon to see the Village of Light, Taiki and his friends encounter Jijimon and learn of the Bagra Army before the village is being bombed by a Pteramon. While Taiki DigiFuses Pickmon Slingshot for Shoutmon and Ballistamon to use to take out the Pteramon, Angie briefly encounters Cutemon and Dorulumon before being found by Taiki and telling him to help her find a way to return to their world. Fearing his chances of becoming king of the Digi World would be gone if Taiki leaves, Shoutmon attempts to discourage the boy's departure by treating Taiki to a party and then reminding him of his sense of responsibility. However, revealing the presence of other humans and getting upset with Angie while admitting his reasons for Taiki to stay, Shoutmon ends up screwing things up as Taiki ends their friendship and heads into the forest with his friends the next morning. Unfortunately, MadLeomon begins his assault and unleashes the Orochimon his forces brought with them to corner the children! Though Shoutmon and Ballistamon come to their rescue with Starmon and the Pickmons getting them to safety, the children watch as MadLeomon absorbs Orochimon to become MadLeomon Orochi Mode and pulverize the two Digimon! However, upon hearing Shoutmon's reason of wanting to become king in order to protect his village and friends, Taiki turns the tide by DigiFusing Shoutmon and Ballistamon into Shoutmon ×2, who sends MadLeomon running after defeating his Orochi Mode form, reverting him to his usual form. Nearby, the mysterious girl watches with added interest as Taiki and Shoutmon become friends again. 

Episode 03- Samne Ayaa Virodhi,Kiriha [HINDI]
Download [78MB] 480p
After he and the other generals meet with their shadowed leader Bagramon over the matter of the new human, Tactimon gives MadLeomon a final chance to redeem himself while sending a Drimogemon into the Forest Zone. At that time, with Shoutmon providing an insignia, the group are in discussion of their team name when a bunch of giant bamboo shoots rise from the ground surrounding the Village of Light, revealed by Jijimon to be an event that has occurred prematurely. With Jeremy caught on top of one of the shoots, Taiki attempts to save him when the mysterious boy named Christopher Aonuma appears and wants the Taiki to serve him as a member of the Blue Army. With Taiki more interested in saving Jeremy, it resulted with Shoutmon and the others fighting a losing battle against MailBirdramon. After Taiki refuses on the ground of him mistreating a Golemon he summoned to aid MailBirdramon, Christopher departs just as MadLeomon attacks with several Apemon and a Pteramon. Upon confronting Shoutmon ×2, MadLeomon absorbs the Apemon to become MadLeomon Final Mode and takes advantage of the bamboo to overpower Shoutmon ×2. Luckily, with Cutemon appearing to help get the village residents to safety, Dorulumon aids Shoutmon ×2 while Jeremy uses the Star Sword to destroy Drimogemon so the bamboo shoots can return underground. Furious once defeated by Shoutmon ×2 and Dorulumon, MadLeomon initiates a self-destruct sequence to take out everyone. Remembering his dream, Taiki DigiFuses Dorulumon with Shoutmon and Ballistamon to form Shoutmon ×3, who knocks MadLeomon into the air to safely destroy him for good. As Dorulumon and Cutemon leave, Taiki christens his group as the Fusion Fighters before they notice a microchip descending from MadLeomon's demise. The Fusion Fighters are then approached by the mysterious girl as she introduces herself as Nene Amano and explains the item is a Code Crown.

Episode 04- Island Zone Par Hamla! [HINDI]
Download [71MB] 720p HD
After introducing herself, revealing that the Digital World was broken up into Zones, Nene explains to the Fusion Fighters that a Code Crown fragment is proof of ownership of a Zone and gathering them all would allow one to rule the Digital World. Nene then teaches Taiki how to Zone Transfer, he and his friends arrive to the Island Zone where they save the Zone's elder Archelomon from a group of Gizamon searching for the Zone's Code Crown. After recognizing Jijimon, Archelomon says that the Code Crown is in a place that is very difficult to get to until they gather Digibites for an upcoming festival. While gathering the Digibites, Shoutmon befriends an Island Zone resident named ChibiTortomon. By that time, the Bagra Army's invading commander Neptunmon learns of the Fusion Fighters' presence from one of the Gizamon and receives orders from Tactimon to stop them with a fleet of Mantaraymon and Divermon. While Jijimon keeps Archelomon and the others hidden, the Fusion Fighters head underwater to infiltrate the Mantaraymon fleet and destroy them from within. When Neptunmon gets word of this, he sends Octomon to sink the hijacked Mantaraymon and drown its occupants! However, inspired by Shoutmon's words, ChibiTortomon aids the Fusion Fighters by DigiFusing onto Shoutmon ×2 to form Shoutmon ×2 Plus M, turning the table. However, ChibiTortomon's action resulted with Archelomon's location compromised as he is captured by Neptunmon. 

Episode 05- Digimemory Chamkega! [HINDI]
Download [74MB] 720p HD
After Neptunmon learns the location of the Code Crown from Archelomon, Taiki and his friends see a platoon of Flymon with DigiBites and dynamite to lure out the Code Crown's guardian: a huge Digimon named KingWhamon who is the island. As Taiki goes to save Shoutmon when he risks himself to take out the explosives, they are both swallowed by KingWhamon with the Flymon following. Taiki uses the Pickmons to help to find the Code Crown, only for the Flymon to beat them to the punch with their leader stinging a deadly venom into Shoutmon. Luckily, hearing the prayers of Taiki's friends, KingWhamon flushes out the Flymon before giving Taiki some of his oil to cure Shoutmon and giving his blessing for them to take the Code Crown. But upon exiting KingWhamon, Taiki and Shoutmon are attacked by Neptunmon's Ebidramon, who proves to be a tough match for Shoutmon ×2. With DigiFusions proving ineffective against Ebidramon, KingWhamon reveals that there is a set of DigiCards holding the data of legendary Digimon in a shrine under him. ChibiTortomon retrieves a box containing the DigiCards with Taiki summoning Leviamon to literally disarm Ebidramon so Shoutmon ×2 can destroy him. However, the victory is short lived as Neptunmon unleashes an army of Seadramon to personally lead against the Fusion Fighters to take the Code Crown from them!

Episode 06- X4, Halaat Sudhaar Rahe Hain! [HINDI]
Download [74MB] HD 720p
Neptunmon uses Archelomon as ransom for the Code Crown and DigiCards. Before Taiki can give up the items, having heard of the Fusion Fighters' progress from Nene, Christopher arrives on MailBirdramon and takes out some of the Seadramon while offering to deal with the rest in return for the DigiCards. Turning down the offer yet thanking Christopher for taking out some of their opponents, Taiki uses MarineAngemon's DigiCard to summon a bunch of MarineAngemon whose Kahuna Waves subside the Seadramon and Neptunemon. Using Syakomon and her kin as a bridge, Shoutmon ×2 carries Taiki and Jeremy toward Neptunmon with the latter using the Rare Star Sword to free Archelomon. Neptunmon then knocks them into the water and has the Seadramon freeze the ocean surface to trap them! Luckily, as the fight was disrupting his fishing, Dorulumon arrives to free the Fusion Fighters and Archelomon. Taiki then DigiFuses Shoutmon, Ballistamon and Dorulumon with the Star Sword into Shoutmon ×4. Shoutmon ×4 ends up fighting against Neptunmon's sentient King's Bite spear, ultimately using Neptunmon as a shield against his own weapon. Though a dying Neptunmon makes one final attempt to kill everyone, KingWhamon saves the Fusion Fighters with Tactimon infuriated by the turn of events. Soon after, as Christopher departs to let them make his job of getting more Code Crowns easier for him, ChibiTortomon officially joins the Fusion Fighters while Taiki is unable to convince Dorulumon to join their group

Episode 07- Volcano Digimon,Jwalamukhi Ka Hamla! [HINDI]
Download [73MB] HD 720p
The Fusion Fighters arrive in the Magma Zone and decide to take a dip in the hot springs before they are ambushed by an army of RedMeramon under SkullMeramon and his aide BlueMeramon. Although they manage to beat the army, recognizing Taiki as the one with the red Fusion Loader, SkullMeramon proves to be too much for Shoutmon ×2 until Cutemon's appearance results with Dorulumon forcing the enemy Digimon to fall back. When Taiki attempts to talk Dorulumon into joining the Fusion Fighters, Cutemon reveals that he traveled with him to look for his parents after his home town was raided by the Bagra Army. Though Dorulumon refused to join them, Taiki decides to follow him before the Fusion Fighters stumble upon an enslavement camp of Digimon digging for the Code Crown. While the uninterested Dorulumon takes his leave, the Fusion Fighters attempt to break their way into the prison under the cover of night but find themselves in a trap SkullMeramon prepared! However, having learned from a discarded Bearmon that Cutemon's parents are being held captive there, Dorulumon arrives to the prison with Taiki forming Shoutmon ×3 to defeat SkullMeramon with some encouragement from Cutemon. But before the Fusion Fighters could proceed to free the captive Digimon, they encounter the commanding officer in charge of the Bagra Army's Magma Zone branch: AncientVolcanomon.

Episode 08- Mahan General Tactimon Aa Rahe Hain! [HINDI]
Download Link [73MB] HD 720p
Realizing that prolonging the fight might cause the caves to collapse and kill the prisoners, Taiki decides to surrender and gives AncientVolcanomon a fake Fusion Loader. With Shoutmon the only member of the Fusion Fighters not to realize the deception, Taiki explains that the surrender allows them to find the prisoners. Once at the cell, Cutemon learns from a Prairiemon that his parents have transferred to a different facility with Taiki and Dorulumon convincing him that there is still hope as his parents are still alive. Eventually motivating the prisoners to help them, the Fusion Fighters start to dig their way through the walls with Dorulumon deciding to help out of respect for Taiki's resolve. By that time, AncientVolcanomon soon learns the Fusion Loader is a fake from SkullMeramon as he and an army of RedMeramon attempt to capture the escapees. Though Shoutmon ×2 manages to defeat SkullMeramon's group, he is easily defeated by AncientVolcanomon who proves to be a match for even Shoutmon ×4. After a failed attempt to hinder AncientVolcanomon with the Agumons' DigiCard, Taiki tells Shoutmon ×4 to plug up the volcano on his opponent's back. With AncientVolcanomon suffering from magma build up, he is knocked into a nearby volcano. However, as the sun rises, the Fusion Fighters encounter one of the Bagra Army's three generals: Tactimon. Learning that he was in the Magma Zone aiding the Fusion Fighters, Tactimon reveals that Dorulumon was once his right-hand man in the Bagra Army.

Episode 09- Dorulumon Jo Hawa Se Batein Karta Hain! [HINDI]
Download Link  [73MB] HD 720p
Despite learning that Dorulumon was a member of the Bagra Army, Taiki says that he still trusts him as Tactimon summons his Sword of Storms and uses it to separate Taiki and Dorulumon from the others while taking the Fusion Loader. With AncientVolcanomon and his forces gather, Tactimon is about to have Taiki and Dorulumon executed when Christopher arrives and challenges Tactimon. Taking advantage of the distraction, the Fusion Fighters are able to free Taiki and Dorulumon with help from BlueMeramon. While revealing that he has a debt with Dorulumon for saving his life when used as a sacrificial pawn in Tactimon's strategy, with Dorulumon leaving the Bagra Army soon after, BlueMeramon leads the Fusion Fighters to Taiki's Fusion Loader before sacrificing himself to save Dorulumon from SkullMeramon. After Shoutmon destroys SkullMeramon, by the time Christopher has Maildramon take their fight with Tactimon elsewhere before making a tactical retreat with his partner Greymon, the Fusion Fighters then confront AncientVolcanomon and the RedMeramon army. AncientVolcanomon absorbs the defeated RedMeramon to become Fused AncientVolcanomon, increasing his power. Taiki saves Dorulumon with Garurumon's DigiCard. Taiki then DigiFuses Dorulumon with Shoutmon to form the Drill Cannon to weaken Fused AncientVolcanomon before finishing him off with Shoutmon ×3. With Dorulumon finally agreeing to join them as they gain the Magma Zone's Code Crown, the Fusion Fighters head off for the next zone.

Episode 10- Taiki Baan Gaya Ek Knight! [HINDI]
Download Link [70MB] HD 720p
Arriving in the Lake Zone, Taiki and his friends find a group of frozen Digimon before hearing a voice calling out. Noting it to be similar to Shoutmon, Taiki learns that the Zone's warrior Knightmon has been defeated on the verge of drowning in the nearly frozen lake. Diving in to load Knightmon into his Fusion Loader, Taiki is saved by ChibiTortomon as he and the other Fusion Fighters aid the Lake Zone army in driving of the Bagra Army platoon under Lalyamon's subordinate IceDevimon. Moments later at the castle, the Fusion Fighters are introduced to the Lake Zone's princess Beastmon with Knightmon telling her they have found their champion. However, Beastmon reveals she found another candidate in Christopher. While a banquet is served, Taiki and Christopher get into a conversation which is interrupted by Jeremy, Ballistamon, as well as Knightmon. Though the three state their distrust in Christopher after he leaves, Taiki thinks the youth is hiding something and wants to help. When the Bagra Army resume their attack, with Shoutmon and half of the Fusion Fighters unable to get up from overeating, Christopher DigiFuses Greymon and MailBirdramon into MetalGreymon to annihilate most of the army. Taiki then realizes that the fight is a distraction as IceDevimon and the Icemon sneaked into the castle to capture Beastmon. Luckily, Shoutmon gets his second wind to hinder the abduction with Taiki and the others meeting up with him. In retaliation, IceDevimon absorbs the Icemon to become IceDevimon Enhancement Absorbent and freezes Ballistamon while Metal Greymon holds off the Bagra Army's assassin Reapmon. After Shoutmon uses the Drill Cannon to save him from IceDevimon, Knightmon and his PawnChessmon drive off IceDevimon. With Christopher taking his leave, admitting not to comfortable with her cuddling, Beastmon names Taiki her champion before he collapses from exhaustion. Meanwhile, Laylamon is at a gate that opens to reveal a gigantic Digimon.

Episode 11- Xros Heart,Chalo! [HINDI]
Download Link [67MB] HD 720p
Watching the still unconscious Taiki being watched over by Beastmon, Angie begins to question her usefulness to the others as Jeremy is commanding the Fusion Fighters to hold off IceDevimon's army. Later that night, while she has IceDevimon thawing out a huge Digimon that would replace him, Laylamon uses a mirror in order to take control of Angie with the delusion that she can return to her world if she steals the Code Crown from Beastmon. Once Angie obtains the Code Crown, as the sun begins to rise, she makes her way to the other side of the lake where Laylamon is waiting with a defrosted Daipenmon, a frozen IceDevimon, as well as an army of Icemon. Though the Fusion Fighters and Beastmon's army attempt to drive them off, Daipenmon ends up freezing them as Taiki wakes up and sees Angie being spirited away. Joined by Jeremy and other Fusion Fighters, Taiki arrives and convinces Angie that she is their friend and that they still need her. Freed from Laylamon's spell as a result, Angie ends up scarring the demon Digimon's face with the Lake Zone's Code Crown. Overcome with utter rage, Laylamon's power Digifused IceDevimon with Daipenmon into IceDevimon-Daipenmon Enhancement Absorbent and she uses her follower to attack the Fusion Fighters. Just then, Knightmon and the PawnChessmon arrive to protect the Fusion Fighters from IceDevimon-Daipenmon's attack. Taiki then DigiFuses Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon and the Pickmons with Knightmon and the PawnChessmon to form Shoutmon ×4K who destroys IceDevimon-Daipenmon. Soon after, the Fusion Fighters' membership increases with the addition of Beastmon, Knightmon and the Pawnchessmon. Elsewhere, after overseeing Taiki's fight, Nene offers an alliance with Christopher while revealing both her black Fusion Loader and her partner Sparrowmon.

Episode 12- TimeZone Aur Khandoro Ka Romanchak Safar! [HINDI]
Download Link [69MB] HD 720p
While traveling through the portal to the next Zone, the Fusion Fighters notice land masses floating around. Jijimon briefly emerges, telling them that those are DigiWorld Zones they have acquired and how they were each originally part of a single Digital World prior to the true Code Crown being shattered. Arriving to the Sand Zone, the Fusion Fighters learn of a treasure located in its capital city and decide to get it. However, after being in the hot sun, the Fusion Fighters fall for a pit trap by a SkullScorpiomon. With Dorulumon helping them escaping from SkullScorpiomon attack, the Fusion Fighters end up underground where they cross paths with another of the Bagra Army generals: Blastmon. Though Blastmon is not interested in them, the Fusion Fighters end up surrounded by a bunch of SkullScorpiomon before being saved by Deputymon who enlists their help to get the treasure. Arriving to the gate leading to the treasure, which only opened after Angie blows a kiss at it, the Fusion Fighters find themselves running from a rolling BigMamemon that they managed to evade. Once at a bridge, Blastmon catches up but is more focused on getting the treasure than deposing of the Fusion Fighters compared to his forces after he accidentally pummels off the bridge. After Mikey activates the MagnaAngemon DigiCard to send both Blastmon's Vilemon posse and the SkullScorpionmon to the surface, the Fusion Fighters are shocked to find Deputymon turning on them as he tells them that they're going to fight the Sand Zone's ruler Pharaohmon while he gets the treasure. Once teleported to the sanctum of Pharaohmon, despite Mikey's attempt to explain their just cause, Shoutmon ×4 is formed to fight him. However, Mikey ends up figuring out that Pharaohmon and Deputymon were testing their worth and stops the fight. As Mikey receives the Sand Zone's Code Crown and four new DigiCards, Blastmon returns to the surface where he battles Sparrowmon before learning the treasure is a Code Crown. Before he could go after the Fusion Fighters, Blastmon is suddenly attacked by MailBirdramon as Christopher summons Cyberdramon while Reapmon watches from afar. 

Episode 13- Athena,Ka Yodha! [HINDI]
Download Link [71MB] HD 720p
merging from the ruins as Blastmon continues his battle with Cyberdramon and Sparrowmon, the Fusion Fighters find themselves under fire by Reapmon as Taiki attempts to get his Fusion Loader. Reapmon only allows it out of fairness after seeing the nearby cliff he shot at break off to reveal a statue, engaging Shoutmon ×4 before Blastmon unleashes an attack that hits the surrounding area with Taiki knocked off the cliff while everyone take covers. The fight taking a lot out of him, Blastmon takes his leave out of vanity. Coming to at the bottom of the gorge, Taiki finds the statue is still intact as he feels a glow from it before seeing Reapmon behind him. Explaining the statue is of a goddess, Reapmon offers to show Taiki the way out. While moving through the cavern with Reapmon, using Guilmon DigiCard to clear some boulders, Taiki learns the area was home to the Warriors of Light led by Angemon who cared for Reapmon as a child despite not being acknowledged by the goddess as a Warrior of Light. However, Reapmon was forced to kill Angemon and their order when they suddenly fall under a spell and joined the Bagra Army to find out the identity of the one responsible for his order's downfall. When they get to the surface, Taiki and Reapmon discover that Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Cutemon, as well as Deputymon have fallen under the same spell that befell the Warriors of Light. By then, Laylamon arrives with the SkullScorpiomon army and EBEmon with Reapmon revealing his true motives as he break EBEmon's hold on the Digimon. When Laylamon impales Reapmon when he attempts to kill her, Taiki forms Shoutmon ×4 to destroy EBEmon and drive Lalyamon off as Reapmon loses consciousness from the poison that Laylamon introduced into his body. 

Episode 14- Yodha Beelzemon Ka Aandaz! [HINDI]
Download Link [69MB] HD 720p
After Reapmon was fatally wounded by Laylamon, him and Shoutmon ×4 unable to reach him, Taiki is instructed by Pharaohmon to use the Sand Zone's Code Crown which rises a pyramid that unites the other pyramids into a shrine of healing with a barrier erected to keep the Fusion Fighters safe from the Bagra Army. After being told that his status as a Warrior of Light can save Reapmon, Taiki uses his Fusion Loader to begin the process with Shoutmon ×4 reverting back to his components while the rest of the Fusion Fighter Digimon are ejected from the Fusion Loader. By that time, with SkullScorpiomon unable get through the barrier, Laylamon summons Machinedramon to disable it for her forces to get through. While Taiki tries to heal Reapmon, despite him and Shoutmon believing it to be a waste of time, the Fusion Fighters hold off the SkullScorpiomon before Laylamon allows Machinedramon to devour all the SkullScorpion and the defeated Fusion Fighter Digimon to upgrade itself. Luckily, Reapmon convinces Taiki to come to his friends' aid and forms Shoutmon ×4K to take out Machinedramon. However, Machinedramon upgraded into HiMachinedramon and nearly destroys Shoutmon ×4K ere it not for Reapmon taking the fatal blow. Luckily, aacepted as a Warrior of Light, Reapmon reincarnates into Beelzemon and helps Shoutmon ×4K in defeating HiMachinedramon. As Beelzemon takes his leave, bent on making them suffer, a furious Laylamon sends the Fusion Fighters flying into one of the worst Digital Zones. 

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Pokémon: Master Quest HINDI Episodes (Hungama TV)

With the Olivine City Gym temporarily out of commission, our heroes are off to the Whirl Cup Competition—and Misty wants in on the action! Resuming their journey, they find that Jessie, James, and Meowth aren’t the only members of Team Rocket they need to worry about, though that dastardly trio still has a few tricks up their collective sleeve. After a heated battle with the final Gym Leader, Ash moves on to the Silver Conference, but does he have the mettle to take on his old rival, Gary?

                                Pokémon: Master Quest HINDI Episodes!

Episode 01 -Whirl Island [HINDI]
In a scuffle with Team Rocket, Ash and friends are thrown from the ship taking them to the Whirl Islands. They crash into a nearby island, where they meet up with Professor Elm. Elm explains about the upcoming Whirlpool Cup that takes place in the center of the Whirl Islands. 

Episode 02 - Pidgey Ne Ki Moon Ki Sair [HINDI]
Download [75MB]
On an island where all Pidgeys have grown large and lazy, our heroes discover one Pidgey who dreams of flying higher than any Pokémon in history. 

Episode 03 - Chinchou Hame Yaad Rakhna [HINDI]
Download 7[5MB]
On their way to the Whirlpool Cup competition, Ash and friends are fortunate enough to pass a small mountain village just as an annual Chinchou migration is about to occur. 

Episode 04 - Natkhat Corsola [HINDI]
Download [74MB]
Just as Ash and friends arrive at a new island, they find themselves in the middle of the Corsola frenzy and Misty hopes to catch one of her own

Episode 05 - Mantine Pokémon! [HINDI]  NEW
Download [100MB]
Ash and friends meet a Pokémon researcher who is desperate to explore a sunken ship, a ship that's fiercely protected by an aggressive Mantine and a number of Remoraid. 

Episode 06 - Akela Padgaya Octillery [HINDI]
Download [76MB]
After reaching the town where the preliminary round of the Whirlpool Cup is held, Ash and Misty must help cheer up a young trainer's Octillery after its evolution has left it feeling lonely and isolated from its Remoraid companions.

Episode 07 - Samunder Ki Poojaran [HINDI]
Download [76 MB]
Ash and Misty make their way to the semi-finals and Ash gets Kingler back for the Whirlpool Cup. 

Episode 08 - Perfect Match [HINDI]
Download [76MB]
Ash faces off against Misty in the Whirlpool Cup. Who will win? 

Episode 09 - Diglett Aur Insaan Ka Rishta [HINDI]
Download [96MB]
A village of kind, elderly people requests that Ash and friends help them defend against a gang of marauders that invades every year, attempting to rustle their sizable herd of Diglett.

Episode 10 - Silver Wing Ek Good Luck Charm [HINDI]
Download [74MB]
Ash, Misty and Brock run into a local shopkeeper who introduces them to one of their friends, a jewelry maker who tells them the legend of the fourth Whirl Island.

Episode 11 - Mil Gaya Rahasyamai Pokémon [HINDI]
Download [75MB]
Ash, Misty, and Brock run into their old friend Richie and his Pikachu, Sparky. They also meet a young boy whose Lanturn has made friends with a baby Lugia.

Episode 12 - Lugia Faasgaya [HINDI]
Download [80MB]
Ash, Misty, Brock, Richie and the boy go to rescue Silver from Team Rocket. The episode ends with Ash waking up and discovering that he, Brock, Misty, Pikachu and Ritchie have all been captured.

Episode 13 - Wadha Kiya Hai Toh Nibhana Padega [HINDI]
Download [78MB]
Ash and his friends try to fight their way out of the underwater Team Rocket base as they attempt to free both the baby Lugia and its parent. Team Rocket is working on a device that makes Pokémon angry and brings out power through rage which may prove to be dangerous for Ash and the team.

After missing the ferry, Ash and the group meet an elderly man and his Noctowl who pilots a plane that will bring Ash back to Olivine City but the plane's current state of disrepair along with dangerous storms and even Team Rocket may stop Ash from fulfilling his promise of getting to Olivine in time for his gym battle.

Episode 15 - Steelix Ki Himaat [HINDI]
Download Link [73MB]
Ash, Misty and Brock encounter Sakura and her Kimono Girl sisters again, and learned that her Eevee became an Espeon.

Episode 16 - Bulbasaur... Hain Ambassador! [HINDI]  
Download Link [73MB]
Bulbasaur is left behind to solve a conflict between all kinds of Pokémon back at Oak's lab. Will Ash be forced to leave his Bulbasaur at Oak's lab forever? 

Episode 17 - Espeon, Ka Jawab Nahi! [HINDI]
Download Link [72MB]
Ash, Misty and Brock encounter Sakura and her Kimono Girl sisters again, and learned that her Eevee became an Espeon. 

When Ash tells Eusine that he saw a Suicune, a Pokémon he is trying to catch, Eusine demands a battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket breaks a sacred bell which causes all the Pokémon in the area to attack the forest, the city, and all the people in it.

Episode 19 - Extreme Pokémon! [HINDI]
Download Link [126MB]
When Ash tells Eusine that he saw a Suicune, a Pokémon he is trying to catch, Eusine demands a battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket breaks a sacred bell which causes all the Pokémon in the area to attack the forest, the city, and all the people in it.  

Episode 20 - Ek EGG-sighting Adventure! [HINDI]
Download Link [116MB]
Ash wins an egg as a prize for the race, and wonders what it will hatch into. Using a Pokémon Centre as a motel, Ash leaves the egg on a desk. Team Rocket attempts to steal the egg, but Togepi wakes up, and it teleports the egg away. The next morning, Ash has to find out who stole his egg. 

Episode 21 - Phanpy Ka Swagat Hain [HINDI]  NEW
Download Link [107MB]
Ash's egg hatches into a Phanpy and almost instantly, Phanpy begins causing trouble for Ash and the group but things take a turn when Team Rocket's efforts to steal Phanpy cause the young baby elephant Pokémon to flee and side up with Team Rocket instead. 

Episode 22 - Team Rocket Ka Test [HINDI]
Download Link
Jessie, James and Meowth find out that their contracts have expired, so they are no longer part of Team Rocket. An old woman then sends a Delibird to follow the three, so they can pay off their bills little by little. Meanwhile a Team Rocket member craves revenge on Jessie. 

Episode 23 - Ek Lamba Intazaar [HINDI]
Download Link
Ash, Brock and Misty rest in a girl's house. As usual, Brock falls for the owner, but Ash and Misty discover she has no reflection in the mirror! The two soon discover that the girl is really an illusion created by a Ninetales, parodying the legend of the Kitsune. 

Episode 24 - Musibat Khadi Karne Wala Tyrogue [HINDI]
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The three friends discover a Tyrogue who is cold to humans, but on the inside, is sensitive and cares for weak Pokémon. 

Episode 25 - Xatu Ko Dikha Bhavishya [HINDI]
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A girl uses her Xatu's ability to see the future as an advantage and uses this to predict the weather. The Xatu are not always correct, and convince her into thinking there is going to be a flood. 

Episode 26 - Pokémon Par Prayog [HINDI]
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Ash, Misty and Brock are walking along, when suddenly, they spot a Shiny Pokémon, a Red Gyarados! They discover it is one of many Magikarp that has been forced to evolve by Team Rocket. With the help of Lance of the Elite Four, Ash and co. attempt to rescue this Gyarados. 

Episode 27 - Gyarados Ko Bachana Hai! [HINDI]
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Continuing the previous episode's plotline, Lance attempts to rescue the shiny Gyarados by catching it. Can Lance catch it before it destroys the city?

Episode 28 - Pryce Ko Mil Gaya Piloswine [HINDI]
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Pryce, with Ash's help, attempts to locate his lost Piloswine. 

Episode 29 - Pryce Ka Jawab Nahi! [HINDI]
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Ash challenges Pryce of Mahogany Town to a battle.

Episode 30 - Hawaa Main Kuchh Toh Hai Baat! [HINDI]
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Ash and the gang get involved upon discovering that a group of Bellossom are feuding with a group of Vileplume.

Episode 31 - Kisi Ko Garmi Pasand Hai! [HINDI]
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Ash and friends encounter a Magcargo that refuses to let them pass. A boy attempts to capture a Magcargo for himself.

Episode 32 - Pokémon Aur Jadoo [HINDI]
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A Pokémon magician named Lily attempts to create a magic spell, but as well as needing Pikachu, is missing one ingredient; a tear from an Aipom. Team Rocket steals Lily's spell book and try to get Aipom to shed a tear without force. After beating Team Rocket, however, the spell fails and Ash is turned into a Pikachu. 

Episode 33 - Jadooi Crystal [HINDI]
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Ash is restored to his human form, but Pikachu doesn't look so hot. They discover he is ill, and so a passing trainer takes them to a lake to heal electric Pokémon. They find out that a crystal is healing them, and so when Jessie and James snag it, it summons an enraged Zapdos!

Episode 34 - Nach Ganne Ke Maze Lo! [HINDI]
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A trainer and her twin Igglybuff perform at a concert causing Jigglypuff to become jealous.

Episode 35 - Aatmagyaan Ki Prapti! [HINDI]
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Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket train in a Slowpoke temple. 

Episode 36 - Kaun Hain Professor Oak ? [HINDI]
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James disguises himself as Professor Oak to receive fame.

Episode 37 - Phir Se Aa Gayi Clefairy! [HINDI]
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Phanpy attempts to reunite Cleffa with its family. However, a pair of paranormal investigators want to claim the Cleffa as proof of Pokémon's alien origins.

Episode 38 - Poliwhirl Ban Gaya Politoed! [HINDI]
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Ash wins a King's Rock in a battle, which Misty's Poliwhirl notices. Before being recalled, Poliwhirl puts the King's Rock on its head. The next time Misty uses Poliwhirl in battle, the power of the King's Rock causes it to evolve into Politoed! 

Episode 39 - Team Rocket Ka Naya Dhoka! [HINDI]
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Ash trains at a Battle Park against Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur, not knowing the trainers he's facing are Team Rocket in disguise.

Episode 40 - Double Politoed! [HINDI]
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A cheerleader with winning ambitions on her mind gets her Politoed companion mixed up with Misty's clapping, cheerful Politoed.

Episode 41 - The Ice Cave! (Eng Sub)

On their way through Ice Path, Brock gets a cold and cannot proceed.
Note: This episode was banned due to Jynx’s appearance, in which its face was black (racism).

Episode 42 - Dratini Se Dragonite Taak! 
Clair, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader, is forced to go to a ritual involving the Dragon Fang, but also has to protect a Dratini. 

Episode 43 - Dragon Fang Chori Ho Gaya 
Ash and Clair begin their gym battle, while Team Rocket makes off with the Dragon Fang, tricking a Dragonite into believing they are protecting it. As such, Ash's fight with Clair is cancelled as they temporarily join forces and then set off to stop Team Rocket. 

When James accidentally lights a forest on fire using the Dragon Holyland's Prayer Flame, his actions cause Dragonite, the Holy Land's Guardian to snap and go mad with rage. As a result, it becomes so consumed with rage that it begins to attack everything that gets in its way while also endangering the Pokémon that live in the Holy Land as well. With help from Liza and her Charizard, Charla as well as Ash's own Charizard, Ash, Brock, Misty and Clair must find a way to stop Dragonite's rampage once and for all or risk having the Holy Lands being completely destroyed for good. 

In his second rematch, Ash pits Snorlax, Pikachu and Charizard against Clair's Dragon-type Pokémon. Will Ash be victorious and finally get the right to qualify for the Johto League? 

In his second rematch, Ash pits Snorlax, Pikachu and Charizard against Clair's Dragon-type Pokémon. Will Ash be victorious and finally get the right to qualify for the Johto League? 

Ash, Misty, and Brock visit an unregistered Pokémon gym on the shoreline. The gym specializes in water Pokémon, and both Ash and Misty want a battle with the leader. 

Ash runs into a Lapras herd, with one of the members being the same Lapras he caught in the Orange Islands! 

The egg Professor Elm gave Ash hatches into a baby Larvitar. 
A trainer scouts out a hot spring for Pokémon in an attempt to capture the legendary Entei. 
A Slowpoke named Arthur attempts to evolve into a Slowking. 
Casey meets up with Ash, and has her sights on an Elekid the pre-evolved form of Electabuzz. 
A cheerleader with winning ambitions on her mind gets her Politoed companion mixed up with Misty's clapping, cheerful Politoed. 

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