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Teen Titans HINDI Episodes

Leading the Teen Titans to protect Earth is Robin, formerly Batman's sidekick. He has no special powers, just a utility belt and his mind to help solve problems. His team members Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy live together in Teen Tower, and each of them has supernatural abilities to fight a new generation of villains.

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Epsiode 01 Divide and Conquer

The pilot episode of Teen Titans opens with a shot of a maximum security jail. A stone monster named Cinderblock has broken in. The Titans' attempt to stop Cinderblock from breaking into prison goes awry when Robin and Cyborg's "Sonic Boom" tag-team maneuver backfires and Cinderblock escapes with a quarantined villain, Plasmus. A fierce argument between Robin and Cyborg ensues, and causes Cyborg to announce his decision to quit the team. The rest of the team battle Plasmus and eventually Cyborg returns to defeat Plasmus and CinderBlock. The end of the day leaves the team with a burning question in mind: who was behind all this?

Episode 02 Sisters
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Starfire's sister, Blackfire comes to earth. Weird alien robots start attacking Starfire and it is up to the Teen Titans to protect one of their own, but things are not always what they appear to be.

Slade hires the newest graduates of the H.I.V.E to take on the Teen Titans

Slade finds a pair of super powered brothers, and convinces them to use their powers for their own amusement, no matter the cost to others. The Titans show up and show them what really matters.

Cyborg is frustrated when his limited battery charge allows a villain to escape. The mysterious robot, Fixit, might have the solution - if Cyborg is willing to pay the price.

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