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Top 10 Independent App Stores to Publish Your App

App Stores to Publish Your App
After developing an app, it is imperative to have the apps uploaded on independent app stores where they get ample scope to be publicized.

With every good idea for a great new app, one needs the right strategy to market it. The audience needs to be kept in mind and an apt team to design and code it is required. For distribution of apps, the Google Play Store for Android apps and the App Store for Apple are the best. But one needs to achieve, success and sales by getting the app shipped with few optimization techniques and better app ratings, which are crucial for their discoverability.

The official app markets are the best in many ways. But the independent app stores can help your app to explore the market deeper to aid you in the task of raising the app’s profile and getting it noticed.

Benefits of the independent app stores

Independent app stores can help you target a specific audience and even offer a better deal sometimes than the standard 70/30% split offered by the official stores. Even the app can be labeled a white label item while some stores offer a less cluttered space for the app to stand out from the others.
The indie app stores offer very good monetization options to entice more publishers towards their service.
Some stores like the Amazon’s app store, offer in-app purchasing and an easy 1-click payment scheme that helps reduces friction in deriving more app revenues from users.
We all know how app users can easily be turned off by long-drawn, multi-step actions that could have otherwise lead to a quick buying decision.
Then there is of course, the benefit of scale. Simply put, the more channels you put your app on, the higher the likelihood of it being discovered by your intended audience.
Hopefully by now you are already convinced of the huge potential of indie app stores in helping you get more revenues and downloads for your app.

Top Independent App Stores

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