Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Infinity Crypter Cracked latest version - free download

Infinity Crypter Cracked | LONG FUD | Bypass proactives | Stable | #1 Crypter

Infinity Crypter Cracked #1 Crypter

Infinity Crypter is one of the latest available FUD crypter. It’s coded in .NET and has many advance features which allow you to make your exe FUD. You can crypt your cybergate, darkcomet, spynet, pandora and many others servers.

Features : 

* Option to run crypted file under admin user only.
* EOF- End of File mode
* Option for detecting virtual machines and sandbox software.
* Persistence process- Makes process very hard to kill.
* Option to hide your encrypted file after execution.
* Three different stub options: AutoIT(recommended), C# stub, VB6 stub.

This crypter has built in icon changer, so you don’t need any other external software to change icon. You can also change assembly information as well as bind files within crypter. This option might sometime corrupt your exe, so play around and see how it works for your server file. Download this crypter absolutely free.


PASSWORD : Leakforums

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