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How To Add Email Receipt and Get Notified When Your Sent Mail Has Been Opened?

Earlier we have discussed about the number of ways to sign into multiple accounts at the same time and now I would like to tell you some important paths to track the emails which you would send out to someone. At first let's define the little difference between delivery and read receipt. If you send a SMS to your friend, you would get notified whether it is delivered to him/her or not. 

Your message has been delivered but still you don't know whether your friend has really read that message until getting a reply. 

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Suppose if you use any messenger service, there is an advanced tracking option called as Seen which exactly tells you that your message has been read or not.   

For Outlook, the tracking feature is readily available. While composing an email, you just need to click Add Read Receipt button to attach a receipt with it. At any time, when the receiver opens your mail, shortly you will get notified.

The email read receipt is sent by the person who opens the mail. If you got a confirmation that your email was read by the receiver, it is evident that the email was also delivered successfully.  

However, the email read receipt option is not available in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc and so on. Cool! you could hang with free and paid email tracking tools and services existing on the Internet. I will list some of those services as choice. 

1. Yesware Email Tracking

Yesware Email Tracking is one of the best email tracking tools on the web. It is a Google Chrome extension only for Gmail users. You will get email read notification instantly when the mail has been read by the receiver. Not only this, you will also get notified when the links in the email has been clicked. It is a simple, automatic feature for Google Chrome + Gmail users to track an email. 

After installing the Yesware extension for Chrome browser, it is important to do two things:

  • Activate the plugin
  • Authorize/Grant the Yesware Email Tracking app to use the services of your Gmail account.

Later on, you can see a new bar gets added in your Gmail account with options to send tracked email.

Now to test whether this service is working cool or not, I have added an example which is given below with screenshots. 

While composing an email, you must click on Track check box to get notified. Type the receiver's email address, then click Send button.  

In the change preferences option, put the Open tracking and Link tracking to ON/OFF as per your convenience. You can also opt for scheduling the message/mail to be sent later.

Once the delivered mail has been opened, immediately you will get a notification. This service is actually working fine as it shows in the log summary.


  • Know how many times your mail has been opened
  • View if prospects are opening email on their PC or any other device
  • Scheduling the mail to be sent later.
  • It's a free service and also you can take advantage of paid features for 30 days trial period.

2. WhoReadMe

WhoReadMe is another mail tracking service provided for free of charge. What you need to do is to register for a free account @whoreadme.com

While composing a mail, just add ".whoreadme.com" without quotation marks next to the receiver's email address. For example, if you want to send a mail to "darrenbrown@gmail.com", then please use the address like this "darrenbrown@gmail.com.whoreadme.com", email read receipt will automatically get added to the email from web apps server.

You will receive a notification when the recipient opens your email. Also you can check the log on how many times does the receiver opened your mail. 

3. Bananatag For Gmail

Bananatag for Gmail is an Chrome browser's extension which is similar to Yesware Email Tracking. It is said to be a smart email tracking service that is seamlessly integrated with Gmail account. Whenever the recipient opens your mail, you will be notified right in your inbox and get more details online.

Bananatag for Gmail is free to use but the number of messages tracked is limited per day. To get huge volume of mails to be tracked, then as usual get upgraded to the paid version. 

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