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Hello Friends i m Sandeep Singh going to post one of the most search able topic even many of u wants to Hack Facebook account of ur Victims For that i m here to post my self tested mothod by which you can easily hack any facebook account in Few minutes this method is know as Phising:--

This trick is Based on One type of Phising but its a simplest way og Phising Use the Following steps to Perform Facebook Hackingggg:-

Process How it Works:-

When some one Insert his Or her username and password it immidiately goes to your email which u have created ur account thats the mechanism by which it will work.

Steps are as  follows:-
1.First u have To create Account on Wapka.(U should know that all the mail goes to your email which u have created account).
2.Create site.
3.Goto Admin mode.
4.Click on Edit.
5.Goto xml Editing.
6.ADD the xml code and save it (Add this code download)
7.Now u r done.

Happy Hacking 

This is for Video Tutorials you Have to Watch if u Face any Problem:- 

Note:-This is Only for Educational purpose...I will not Responsible for any Issue ...

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