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8 Best Ways To Make Extra Money From Your Blog/Website

Personally I feel that blogging is the best choice to speak to the world silently. A lot of popular social media sites are there in front of your eyes to share your blog posts to be viewed by readers from all over the planet. There are so many methods to make money online but you cannot ignore that blogging can also make money.

Just by building a blog/website with less quantity and quality of content is not enough even to buy a single cup of tea. You should have plenty of knowledge about what you are going to write. It is essential to have consistency in blogging and patience to get the output for what you are investing.

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Not everyone who is having a blog is called as a blogger. Those who write useful and unique content for the readers will be considered as a blogger in the blogging community. 

Without further delay, moving back to the title of this post. Here, I have listed out 8 important ways to make money from your blog/website. Choose the right monetization method wisely which suits your blog to earn decent income. 

1.Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click Ads

Whenever I think about CPC/PPC, the first thing which sparks in my mind is Google Adsense. They pays high for every ad click when compared to other CPC ad networks. It acts as a bridge between advertisers and publishers. Getting approval from Google Adsense is similar to cracking competitive examination. 

Not everyone is enjoying by monetizing their blog using Adsense. Do not get discouraged to apply again for adsense. If your blog is not approved by them, please keep it in mind that it's just a disapproval but not a permanent ban from reapplying. Soon, I will write a post on how to get green signal from Adsense for your blog.

In the meantime, you could try some of the best alternatives to adsense such as:
  • Infolinks (CPV - Cost Per View),
  • Chitika, 
  • Media Net, 
  • Bidvertiser, 
  • Kontera, 
  • Clicksor, 
  • Blogads, 
  • Vibrant Media, 
  • Exit junction, 
  • Pocketcents, 
  • CPX Interactive,
  • Click Booth.  
If you have good traffic to your blog, then getting approval from those above mentioned PPC ad networks. Basically ad networks are thirst for blog traffic. So, if you could feed them by satisfying their expectation, then there is no need to worry about getting approval from them. 

2.Selling Ad Spaces On Your Blog

When your blog receives copious amount of traffic, you might want to earn an extra income. It is possible by selling ad spaces on your blog. One of the best market places to sell ad space is 

Like Google Adsense, BuySellAds are also following strict policies for the approval of application. If your request was rejected, then suddenly don't make a full stop. Again look for the alternatives to BuySellAds; So that you could make money with a blog by direct advertising without the need of any mediator. 

Some of the alternatives which includes: 
  • PublicityClerks, 
  • Project Wonderful, 
  • Adsella, 
  • Adengage,
  • Blogads. 

    3.Affiliate Marketing

    The term Affiliate marketing is another way of generating money from your blog by promoting advertiser's product, site and service. You should allot a convenient ad space for affiliate ad and hence the visitors will have a glimpse on it which might create an intention to buy something. 

    Whenever a visitor clicks on an affiliate ad link, they will be taken to another site where they can buy the advertised product and you will get paid as commission amount. Commissions are given either as a percentage of sale or solely a fixed type. Earning money from affiliate marketing is purely based on referral process. 

    I can point out some of the best Affiliate marketing programs. Namely: 
    • Associates, 
    • ebay Partner Networks, 
    • Linkshare, 
    • Commission Junction, 
    • ClickBank, 
    • ShareASale, 
    • CPA Affiliate network. 

    Affiliate marketing is not for all sort of niche blogs. But if you can create trust and relationship between you and the readers, then this method of marketing should works well.

    4.Cost Per Mile (CPM) or Cost Per Thousand Impression Ads

    Cost Per Mile (CPM) or Cost Per Thousand (CPT) is an advertising platform which is good for a blog having numerous traffic from US, UK and Canada. Unlike CPC ad networks, CPT/CPM works in a different way. You will get paid when the visitors makes an impression on ad. You need thousand views or impressions to get paid and that is why it is called as Cost Per Thousand impressions. 

    Try CPM ad networks in case if CPC ad programs doesn't produce decent revenue for your qualified blog. Consider these top 5 CPM advertisement networks if you want to give it a try:

    • Technorati, 
    • CPX Interactive, 
    • Value Click Media, 
    • Tribal Fusion, 
    • Burst Media.

    5.Writing Product Reviews

    Do you like to write honest review about products, sites, services? If yes, then convert those reviews into money by writing paid reviews on your own blog itself. All you need is to select the product which is relevant to your blog's niche and start to write review about it. Don't forget to mention the pros and cons of the product. If possible, give that product a try which can boost your confidence level to present a wonderful review. 

    Remember, the readers would like to visit your blog again and again only if you are supplying useful content for them. Always writing product review will affect the blog's traffic stats because of losing returning visitors. To make an additional income, writing paid reviews is a great idea. 

    Here are 4 websites where you can earn money by writing reviews on all kinds of products such as books, music, movies, clothes, electronics, food, etc and so on: 
    • SponsoredReviews, 
    • ReviewMe, 
    • Blogsvertise, 
    • Linkworth.

    6.Selling your own Stuff

    If you got the talent to make products like ebook, software, themes & launchers, hand-made items, etc, then you are lucky enough to install Buy now button to sell your goods online right from your website for free. Post an attractive picture of the product and try to convince your loyal readers to open their wallet for you.

    Providing quality items for the visitors of your blog will not go in vain because it can build good relationship and hope. Here, you are the advertiser, seller and publisher.

    7.Offering Services

    Offering services is a very good business move. Being an expert in web designing, optimizing web pages (SEO), content creation, programming, ethical hacking and much more useful and needful services can make huge money for a better living. To be competitive in the market, offer some discounts too. Therefore, in such a way you could attract the customers. 

    You don't need to rely on particular ad network to earn money. All that you need is to focus on your skills and develop it because knowledge is power.

    8.Make Money From Donations

    Giving real solutions to problems faced by the readers would definitely impress them. To encourage you, they will offer you a small amount of donation. Suppose if your blog is not monetized by any other means, then this method is useful for you. Try to make thousands of useful blog posts related to your blog's niche for the Internet users. 

    Plugins like Buy Me a Beer, Donate via Pay Pal were used by many bloggers for asking donation. But frequently asking for donation in every blog post will create obsession among readers. 

    Wikipedia is the best example which is a non-profitable organization that ranks under top 10 websites in all search engines. It makes money only through donations. 

    P.S: Make sure that the ad networks which i have listed above accepts blogspot and wordpress blogs also or they accept only top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .edu). For more information, read their FAQ, policy terms & conditions.

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    To Sum Up

    I have listed out most widely used methods of earning money with a blog. Use the best method which suits well for your blog. I will conclude this post by saying that blogging for money will not work ever and neither it was worked before. Blogging for the readers is the only way to make money. 

    If I had missed out any other best way to make money from a blog, then please share it with us via comments. 

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    Doraemon HINDI Episodes!

    Doraemon is a cat from future sent to help Nobita,a boy who is always in trouble for no fault of his own.As with any good friend,Doraemon accompanies his buddy to baseball practice and sits by his
    side as he tackles with his homework.Whenever Nobita is in trouble,Doraemon reaches into his fourth dimensional pocket and pulls out a gadget to help him.Somehow though,the gadget always seems to put Doraemon And Nobita into a bigger mess than they already were in.

    Aaj Hum Banaenge Movie (Mega-Special)

    Hindi Toon Network India- Doraemon HINDI Nobita Mila Dadiji Se (Special)

    Hindi Toon Network India- Doraemon HINDI Get Together In The Stone Age

    Hindi Toon Network India- Doraemon HINDI Donjara Village

    Hindi Toon Network India- Doraemon HINDI Aaj Hum Banaenge Movie (Mega-Special)

    Hindi Toon Network India- Doraemon HINDI Aaj Dad Pakdenge Sabse Badi Fish!

    Hindi Toon Network India- Doraemon HINDI A Hand Glider For Kids

    Naruto Season-1 Episodes HINDI SUBBED!

    Follows the struggles of three young ninjas - Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno - as they go through their training.

    Naruto Season-1  HINDI Subbed Episodes [720p HD]

    For the first twelve years of his life, an orphaned boy named Naruto Uzumaki lived a life of enduring the apparent unsolicited hate from a majority of the villagers of the Hidden Leaf Village with a strong ambition to be acknowledged. Caught by his teacher Iruka Umino while defacing the Hokage monument, Naruto tells his teacher that he did it for attention and of his dream to become a Hokage to win everyone's respect. However, after failing to graduate from the Ninja Academy for the third year in a row for failing to use a clone jutsu, Naruto is approached by another instructor named Mizuki who talked him into stealing a scroll from the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi that contained the jutsus of his predecessor. Iruka finds Naruto and protects him from Mizuki, revealed to have used the boy to get the scroll with the intent to give it to a nation he is to defect to. During the confrontation, Mizuki reveals the truth that Naruto is the host of the Nine-Tails, a fox-like monster that attacked the village twelve years ago and took the life of the Fourth Hokage who managed to seal the Nine-Tails within the newborn Naruto. Horrified of this revelation, Naruto ran off and only returned when Iruka, whose parents were killed by the Nine-Tails, refuses to accept Naruto as anything but his student. Touched by his mentor's words, Naruto defeats Mizuki using the Shadow Clone jutsu he learned from the scroll. Due to the act of saving his life and making an outstanding performance proving him worthy of being a ninja, Iruka allows Naruto to graduate. 

    While in an argument with Hiruzen over how he wanted to present himself on the photo of Ninja Registration Form, Naruto meets a boy attempting to attack the Third Hokage who is revealed to be his grandson Konohamaru Sarutobi. Following Naruto, who is the first person who does not see him as the Hokage's grandson, Konohamaru asks him to teach him the transformation jutsu that Naruto was using on Hiruzen: The Sexy Jutsu. In the process, Konohamaru reveals his own reasons to become Hokage and his desire to be seen as his own person. Eventually, the two are found by Konohamaru's mentor Ebisu, who sees Naruto as a bad influence with the confrontation ending with Naruto using Ebisu's hormones against him by combining his Sexy Jutsu and the Shadow Clone Jutsu to produce the overwhelming Harem Jutsu. Through Naruto's influence, Konohamaru is able to accept that he cannot follow in his grandfather's footsteps by his name alone. 

    Once graduated from the Ninja Academy, having drank some milk before meeting up with his former classmates, Naruto is to be assigned to be a member of a three-person squad before under going a test to obtain the rank of Genin. Naruto's team mates happen to be Sasuke Uchiha, his long-time rival and Sakura Haruno, whom he has feelings for though instead she has feelings for Sasuke. Knowing of Sakura's feelings for Sasuke, Naruto formulated a scheme to dispose of his rival and pose as Sasuke to get close to Sakura. But at the last second, Naruto is forced to go to the bathroom while the real Sasuke somehow escapes and runs into Sakura while searching for Naruto. After expressing disgust toward Sakura when she blames the youth's stupidity on not having parents, Sasuke finds Naruto after he was forced to ditch a guilt-driven Sakura to go to the bathroom again with their confrontation short-lived. Meanwhile, Naruto's stomach pains revealed to be result of him having drank long-expired milk, Hiruzen briefs an instructor on Naruto and his team mates.

    As their class mates get to meet up with their Jonin instructors who will deem them genin, Team 7 are forced to wait for theirs. Eventually, with Naruto setting up a trap, he and his group meet their instructor: Kakashi Hatake. Appearing to be a slacker, Kakashi takes the day to let his students each introduce themselves and tell of their desires with Naruto stating his dream to become Hokage while Sasuke states his intent to restore his clan by killing someone. With the introductions over, Kakashi tells Team 7 that their test will begin tomorrow and that they are not to eat before then. The next day, forcing Team 7 to wait for him while revealing himself to be a skilled fighter, Kakashi explains the rules of the test that the students must attempt to take one of two bells from his person with two having a likely chance to pass while the remaining child will be sent back to the academy. While Sasuke and Sakura hide themselves away as the test begins, Naruto makes the bad move to face Kakashi with his Shadow Clone jutsu countered by Kakashi and then falling for a snare. Taking advantage of Kakashi lecturing Naruto about falling for obvious traps, Sasuke seemingly takes out instructor shuriken and kunai knives.

    After his sneak attack failed, Sasuke attempts to fight Kakashi before being buried up to his neck in earth. From there, Kakashi subjects Sakura to a genjutsu of Sasuke bleeding to death before dealing with Naruto when he decides to help himself to everyone's lunches. Once the time of the test is up, Naruto tied up to a pole, Kakashi deems all members of Team 7 utter failures as he reveals that his test was unpassable because the three lacked skills in team work. From there, Kakashi explains the essential need for ninja groups to work as a unit while stating his own ideal that while ninja who break the rules are scum, those who abandon their friends are worse than scum. From there, Kakashi offers to give Team 7 one final chance and leaves them with one order to follow: not to feed Naruto. However, knowing that they need Naruto at full strength for what Kakashi has in store for a make-up test, Sasuke and Sakura fed their friend. Having watched the entire event, Kakashi dramatically appears before them. As Kakashi apparently prepares to punish them all, Sakura stands up to him explains that they gave Naruto food because he's a member of their team. Ultimately, finding a group who actually met his test's standards, Kakashi reveals Team 7 have passed his test and accepts them as his students.
    After Team 7 completes a few miscellaneous D-ranked missions, Naruto relentlessly asking Hiruzen for a higher level mission, they are assigned to escort a bridge builder named Tazuna back to the Land of Waves. But on their way, Team 7 is ambushed by the Demon Brothers, two chunin from the Hidden Mist Village in the Land of Water. Though it appeared they killed him as they go after Team 7 and Tazuna, the Demon Brothers learned that Kakashi was aware of their presence and faked his death to catch them off guard while seeing his students in action. While applauding Sasuke for holding off the Demon Brothers and Sakura for guarding Tazuna, Kakashi expresses disappointment in how Naruto poorly handled the situation and got himself poisoned. But refusing to quit the mission, with Sasuke's taunting getting to him, Naruto uses a kunai to stabs his hand to bleed out the poison while making a promise to never back down. Though Kakashi decides to have Naruto's self-inflicted wound dealt with, he is amazed by the boy's rapid healing while wondering if it is the Nine Tails's doing. Elsewhere, a man named Gato confronts Demon Brothers' boss for his subordinates' failure to assassinate Tazuna. Threatening Gato with his large sword, the figure decides to handle the job personally.

    On the way to the Land of Waves, with Kakashi threatening to abandon the mission if he does not provide an adequate explanation for lying about the mission's difficulty level, Tazuna reveals desire to build a bridge to save the impoverished Land of Waves from the wealthy crime lord Gato. Hearing his story, Team 7 agree to go through with the mission regardless for humanitarian reasons. However, once on the bridge, the group is ambushed by Zabuza Momochi, a rouge ninja from the Hidden Mist Village who works for Gato. Refusing to hand Tazuna over, Kakashi is forced to reveal a strange eye. The former confused on how Kakashi gained it, Sasuke and Zabuza both recognize the strange eye as the Sharingan. While Team 7 protects Tazuna, Kakashi engages Zabuza with the two using clones to distract the other to get them from behind.

    Kakashi is eventually caught off guard and is captured in a Water Prison Jutsu. With Kakashi deposed of, Zabuza creates a water clone to go after Team 7 and Tazuna. Though Kakashi tells his students to run, Naruto remembers the promise he made to himself of not backing down and decides to fight to save Kakashi and keep Tazuna alive. With Naruto using his transformation skills with Sasuke's expertise with a Fuma Shuriken, the two youths succeed at forcing Zabuza in a position to release Kakashi in order to dodge Naruto's kunai.

    Once freed from Zabuza's Water Prison Jutsu, Kakashi easily defeats enemy by using his Sharingan to replicate many of Zabuza's water-based attacks while messing with his head. At the last second, Zabuza is seemingly killed by a young masked hunter ninja from the Hidden Mist Village. Naruto is angry and jealous that someone so young could easily defeat an opponent that gave Team 7 so much trouble, but Kakashi says that there are many ninja younger than Naruto yet stronger than himself. The hunter-nin leaves with Zabuza's body, and Kakashi then collapses from fatigue as a result of using his Sharingan for too long. 

    Brought to Tazuna's home to recover from his fight with Zabuza, Naruto meeting the bridge builder's grandson Inari, Kakashi awakens while realizing that were numerous inconsistencies with Zabuza's death and the actions of the masked youth not destroying the body on the spot. Expecting that they would face Zabuza again, Kakashi decides to take Team 7 to the woods to teach them chakra control by having them walk up a tree by infusing chakra into their feet. While Sakura got it on the first try, both Naruto and Sasuke had to attempt it numerous times with Kakashi seeing Naruto asking Sakura for advice. Elsewhere, revealed to be Zabuza's follower, the masked youth known as Haku tends to Zabuza's wounds as the swordsman intends to settle things with Kakashi once fully healed within a week's time. 

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