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10+ Android Apps to Automate Tasks

Android Apps to Automate Tasks
Undoubtedly Android empowers users to innovate. The versatility of Android continues to appeal novice and experienced users. With the power of Open Source on their side, many developers have created groundbreaking apps that challenge limits and enable Android device to perform monotonous, yet essential tasks which make life easier. Android is a platform that can appeal to novice users and experienced power users alike, as well as always attempt to foster a strong development environment. Here is a list of apps that help users to automate tasks and define triggers for various events so you won't have to keep a tab on different buttons on your Android smartphone.

Now that your android phone has become your lifeline and that you cannot afford to do without it, you will certainly need some apps that will help you automate some tasks on it. Fortunately, many apps have recently become available that will automate repetitive but boring or basic tasks.

Android automation apps can change the settings on their own and can make your Android phone smarter. Let us examine such apps that will help you automate tasks on your Android Device to make your life smoother.

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