Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Amazon $50.00 Gift Card Balance Generator

Before you use this, please login to your Amazon account here.

With this generator you can inject $50USD direct to your Amazon Gift Card Balance. And how it works? Easy. First it connect to a VPN. Why? Because we don't want they know who we are. Second, it search for our account looking in the explorer, so make sure to login to your account before you use this. Until now, works fine with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. And Third, the generator will hack the Amazon Server and inject direct to our account $50.00USD. Why $50.00? Because of the algorithm they use it was the only amount i could hack. Anyway, enjoy this Injector, but use it with moderation, so they cannot detect it in a long time.


When the installation is over, the generator will open automatically. You can find it in your desktop after that.

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